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  • Training resources

    This section includes details of the virtual training courses that the NCSCT deliver.

    It also includes the National Training Standard which details the minimum learning objectives that all stop smoking practitioners should achieve.

    Virtual training

    In addition to becoming an NCSCT Certified Practitioner we recommend additional ‘skills’ training.

    We have developed, piloted and evaluated a number of two-day virtual course in behavioural support for smoking cessation; the course evaluations have been excellent and attendees and their managers have appreciated removing the need for people to attend at a central venue. All courses are delivered by two expert NCSCT trainers with the support of an administrator/technical support officer.

    "I loved the course. Thought-provoking, interesting, interactive and enjoyable. Trainers were excellent, passionate and engaging. Great use of technology."

    To discuss your training needs, please contact NCSCT Training Coordinator Tom Coleman-Haynes

    Training resources

    This section includes the National Training Standard which lists the learning outcomes for training stop smoking practitioners.

    To order one of the training DVDs please give us a call on 01305 755 828, or send an email to