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  • Evaluation materials


    This page includes resources to support local evaluation of the mental health Tobacco Dependence Advisor training course. This includes course evaluation instructions, pre-and-post course questionnaires, trainer's feedback form, and a template course report.

    All groups delivering local training should ensure that course evaluations are completed using these tools. Course evaluations are important for assessing how well the training has met the learning needs of trainees. Having a common approach to course evaluation allows us to gain learning and insights that can inform improvements and updates to the suite of training materials.

    Course evaluation resources
    The following materials to support course evaluation are available in the folder.

    • Pre-course Mental Health confidence in competence questionnaire
    • Post-course Mental Health confidence in competence questionnaire
    • Mental Health Course evaluation feedback form for participants
    • Mental Health Course evaluation form for local trainers
    • Template Mental Health course evaluation report
    Click here to download these course evaluation materials