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  • NHS Standard Treatment Plan (STP) for Inpatient Tobacco Dependence

    This NHS Standard Treatment Plan (STP) for Inpatient Tobacco Dependence provides guidance to support delivery of the Inpatient Tobacco Dependence Treatment Care Bundles.

    The STP is designed to ensure patients receive a consistent and evidence-based tobacco dependence support that provides them with the best possible chance of having a smokefree hospital admission and a goal of long-term abstinence.

    The STP is structured around the three Tobacco Dependence Treatment Care Bundles:

    • Admission Care Bundle
    • Inpatient Care Bundle
    • Post-Discharge Care Bundle

    Each section of the STP begins with a clinical checklist and is followed by guidance on conducting an assessment and delivering tobacco dependence support.

    The checklist below is made available as a standalone document to aid implementation of the STP.

    We value your expertise and experience and so please download and complete this Feedback Form if you have any suggestions, corrections or comments to improve the STP.