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  • 12 week smoking status guidance

    Some stop smoking service providers are commissioned to offer extended behavioural support beyond four weeks post-quit date, usually to 12 weeks. There is limited data on the additional benefit of extended behavioural support, but we know that certain smoking populations are likely to benefit most from this.

    Unlike 4-week post-quit data, data collected up to and including 12 weeks post-quit is not submitted to NHS Digital and has not thus far been subject to agreed data definitions.

    In order to make sense of 12-week post-quit data collected by service providers, and to evaluate the merits of extended support programmes, it is important to have a clear picture of how the 12-week post-quit data are being assessed in different services.

    Written in partnership with clinicians, researchers and policy makers, this briefing provides guidance on how to record 12 week smoking status.