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  • Nicotine Lozenge

    Please click on the links below to access the full Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) where you can find all the information on usage, side effects, and drug interactions.

    Nicorette products
    Nicorette Cools 2mg Lozenge
    Nicorette Cools 4mg Lozenge
    Nicorette Fruit 2mg Lozenge

    Nicotinell products
    Nicotinell Mint 1mg Lozenge
    Nicotinell Mint 2mg Lozenge

    NiQuitin products
    Perrigo has taken ownership of NiQuitin from GSK. Perrigo do not subscribe to EMC and so these PDFs of the SPCs are from the MHRA site. You should go to the MHRA website to make sure that you have access to any updates to these SPCs.