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  • Acknowledgements

    These training materials were produced by NHS England and the NCSCT with the support of the Expert Task Group listed below without whom we could not have produced these high-quality resources.

    Authorship Group
    Mary Yates, Expert Mental Health Consultant
    Dr Debra Robson, Mental Health Expert Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Tobacco Harm Reduction, National Addiction Centre, Addictions Department, King’s College London
    Dr Sophia Papadakis, NCSCT Academic and Health System Consultant
    Melanie Perry, NCSCT Inpatient Tobacco Dependence Consultant
    Susan Montgomery, NCSCT Lead Trainer
    Dr Andy McEwen, NCSCT Chief Executive
    Tom Coleman-Haynes, NCSCT Training Coordinator

    Expert Task Group Members
    Kerry Apedaile, Specialist Tobacco Dependence Service Lead, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust
    Raf Hamazia, Expert by Experience Lead
    Moira Leahy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Martin Lever, Tobacco Reduction Programme Manager
    Helen Philips, Drug Alcohol and Smokefree Lead, Mental Health Inpatients, Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
    Pete Stewart, Healthy Hospital and Community Programme Manager
    QUIT Team, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Tracy Sutton, Acute MH LTP Lead and Service Manager, Blackpool NHS Foundation Trust

    NHS England Prevention Team
    Paul Cillia LaCorte, Senior Programme Manager - Prevention
    Hanna Ellison, Manager, Programme Manager, Tobacco Prevention Team, Medical Directorate
    Bea Petrovica, Programme Delivery Manager, Prevention Programme – Tobacco Medical Directorate
    Heidi Croucher, NHS Clinical Consultant and Programme Manager, Public Health Dorset, Dorset ICS