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  • Research resources

    Research resources
    These validated research tools are provided as a resource for service evaluation, quality assurance and client satisfaction.

    Dependence on smoking

    Here is the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND) that assesses smokers' level of dependence upon tobacco.

    Health questionnaire

    Here is a standardised questionnaire used to assess information about clients' health.

    Mood and physical symptoms scale (MPSS)

    This validated questionnaire assesses the severity of clients' withdrawal symptoms and the strength and frequency of their urges to smoke (a reliable measure of tobacco dependence).

    Motivation to stop smoking

    A set of questions designed to measure the level of clients' motivation to stop smoking.

    Social support

    Here is a series of validated questions to assess the levels of social support during a quit attempt.

    Past quit attempts

    A set of questions used to determine clients' past history of quit attempts.

    Physical activity questionnaire

    This questionnaire allows for an assessment of levels of physical activity.

    Smoking motives

    These questions allow clients to indicate their main reasons for smoking.

    Consent form

    Stop Smoking Service Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (full)

    A questionnaire containing key items to help find out about client satisfaction with stop smoking services.

    Stop Smoking Service Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (brief)

    A brief questionnaire that Stop Smoking Services can use to find out if there is anything that they could do to improve the support that they provide to smokers.