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  • Introduction

    This training will support TDAs to have confidence in delivering the core competences (knowledge and skills) needed for inpatient tobacco treatment delivery. The course materials support delivery of the newly published NHS-NCSCT Standard Treatment Plan for Inpatient Tobacco Dependence .

    Target audience
    Course materials are designed for the training of NHS TDAs. The training is also suitable for other health care professionals who will be delivering specialist tobacco dependence treatment to patients admitted to an acute trust.

    About the training materials
    Training materials have been designed for both virtual (via Zoom, Teams) or face-to-face delivery. Course content is also available in modular format so that localities can tailor training delivery to meet local needs.

    The training suite includes all the necessary resources for delivering a two-day training course, including:
    • Participant registration form, course outline and timetable
    • Comprehensive trainer's guides
    • PowerPoint slides
    • Detailed presenter's notes
    • Film clips
    • Participant handouts
    • Course evaluation materials

    The training materials include presentations, case studies, role-play, film clips, group work and experiential-based learning techniques.

    Modifying the training materials for local use
    These training resources have been developed by national experts to deliver current evidence-based best practice, and reflect the core components of the NHSE tobacco treatment pathway for inpatients. As such, training content should not be modified. There are specific sections indicated where you can add local data, pathways or other information to tailor the training to your locality provided it is consistent with the learning objectives of this course.

    We welcome your feedback
    The NCSCT has been commissioned by NHSE to formally review and update these resources annually. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the training resources then please use this Feedback Form for suggestions, corrections or comments, or email

    If you experience problems downloading the suite of training materials, please contact your IT department for help as it is likely that the problem lies with access from your trust.